What’s in your ESTATE PLANNING Toolbox?

You’ve worked hard and played hard all your life.  Good for you.  Life is good! Now as you look at your children and grandchildren you begin to realize that perhaps you should have some kind of plan in place , a kind of legacy perhaps. There's no doubt you have loved ones that are important to you and you may already have them mentioned in your will. But you may ALSO  have someone else in your will, unknowingly!  Yes, the government!

  • Keep the government out of your will! 
  • Purchase life insurance and segregated funds.
  • Both have guarantees and bypass probate.
  • Insurance policies pay out lump sum and tax free.
  • Life insurance keeps the cottage in the family by paying capital gains upon death.

Let Prosperity “show you the money”.   Money that can either go to your kids…..or the governments’ kids!

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